What if Instead of a Tax Benefit You Received Extra Value for Tax Planning as a Bonus?

Do you like losing weight because you want to look more attractive or fit in an expensive wardrobe you already own? You also often lower blood pressure or lower A1C. It might not be the primary motivation but the extra benefit is of course welcome! If you are a business owner than we pose this question. Some time ago you had an idea, over the years your turned that idea into a successful and profitable business. Have you protected what you worked so hard to build?  An unexpected turn of events could put your biggest asset at risk.

Did you know that moving business dollars into a qualified plan could protect your assets as well as provide a current tax deduction?  Money in a qualified plan is generally protected from creditors, or at least better than other ways you can store capital. That means no one can take away what you have earned. You saved the money to save on taxes but ended up also protecting things much better from a legal perspective. There a ton of examples like this in Tax Planning and so if keeping your own money isn’t enough of a reason?!?!??  The side benefits are often the icing on the Cake. Stop putting it off…go see a Planner!