Silver Linings

The people who have filed and paid too much tax again this year, as they did last year, almost always make themselves a promise that they “will do better from now on.”  They will keep better records; maintain a mileage log.  They will learn more about work options and increase their 401(k) or 403(b).  They will start a hobby job, or purchase a rental property and on and on.  Then Summer comes and it all fades into the background as the beach, golf course or woods call to them.  Family starts getting together, concerts are abound and all of a sudden it’s Fall.  Then work picks up and kids are back to school or off to an out of state college.  Then the holidays come and go, and before they know it, they are again at a tax office and shaking their head and saying “Oh my, why do I owe so much again?”

With our current situation taking pretty much everything we enjoy away, and with all this global suffering, perhaps one of the silver linings to this upheaval of our normal lives is that you finally have the time to get around to figuring out how to legally and ethically pay less income tax.  Call a tax planner and keep that promise this year!  The money you save will likely be needed when the long grind back from all this mess begins!