A Team of Smart Alecs Ready to Tackle Your Retirement Taxes

Our super smart team consists of Certified Financial Planners and tax specialists who are on a mission to make great tax advice affordable and accessible to pre-retirees/retirees and business owners everywhere.

Smart Alec | Tax Smart RetireeWho wouldn’t want this friendly Smart Alec to take their tax worries off the table for good?

We’re sure your to-do list is just as long as everyone else’s. Let us take taxes off the table for good. We’ll tackle the easier stuff like annual tax returns, plus we have the tax chops to handle the more complicated tax planning…all at an affordable online fee model. What could be smarter than this?





The “A” Team…Our Story

Why choose a B team when you can have access to the A team from anywhere, anytime? The idea for Tax Smart Retiree started with a baby boomer named Betty who was struggling to find reliable retirement tax help. So, we matched up a tax specialist with a CFP and created a rock-solid retirement tax plan. We decided there were probably a lot more people like Betty the Baby Boomer so we created a company to serve people just like her, along with those Gen X peeps and biz owners that need reliable tax help too. Our fresh approach to efficient, comprehensive services delivered virtually over the Internet (with Zoom), along with affordable flat fee structures saves these same peeps lots of money, while ensuring their taxes and plans are done right. Our mobile-friendly approach leverages sophisticated technology and combines it with the warmth of real human touch. Our team of super Smart Alecs are ready to take tax planning for retirement to new levels of convenience and affordability. Our mascot, Smart Alec was created in the image of a real Alec…who really is smart and funny!!

Tax Smart Retiree vs. Traditional Firms

Tax Smart Retiree

  • Convenient online, virtual tax services delivery model
  • Hyper-focused on retirement tax planning leveraging retirement optimized strategies
  • Our Tax Smart Quiz and other educational materials so you can be a tax smart retiree
  • What If? Tax Assessments
  • Convenient tax prep add-on
  • Client service is never limited to size of one office, we have entire network of pros
  • A-team of CFPs and tax specialists
  • Industry leading tax tech tools to power our team
  • Affordable, transparent flat fee-based model
  • Business valuation and succession planning for small biz owners
  • An online Tax Smart Retiree client portal accessible from anywhere
  • Virtual online platform allows all documents to be organized and accessible anytime

Traditional Firm

  • Local CPA/tax preparer works with local clients
  • You drop off your documents in person
  • You are billed based on number of hours needed to do the work
  • Client service is based on capacity of the office
  • Typically, no retirement tax planning
  • Typically, no sophisticated tax planning technology
  • Much more expensive due to brick & mortar model
  • Client service during tax season only/tax prep focused

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