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Retirement Tax Planning

Taxes in retirement should be everyone’s concern. There’s a number of tax smart strategies every retiree should consider as they begin the distribution phase of life…many of which can help you get your tax burden as close to zero as possible.

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tax prep

DIY tax prep is a thing of the past with our online services. We’ll save you money, frustration and most important, time. Even the smallest error on your taxes can create a trail of stress and added costs. Turn over your taxes to our team today.

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Small Biz Tax Planning

Through tax planning for small business owners we pay particular attention to how to pay less (legally) through special strategies. We also help you analyze your profitability, valuation and set you up with a succession plan for your retirement.

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What If? Audit


Let Us Show You HOW MUCH We Could Have SAVED You on Your Tax Return

WHAT IF we could save you MONEY with some BRIGHT IDEAS? Find out NOW!

It’s easy. We just need a copy of your most recent tax return. We’ll then address the question, “What If you did things differently on your return?”  We’ll show you how you could have been more tax efficient and set you up to pay less taxes next year.


Our Tax Team Gets It done

We rely on a team-based model in which we have Certified Financial Planners and qualified tax professionals working together to create a strategic tax plan that minimizes your taxes now and in retirement. Our tax preparation services are extremely affordable and includes a complimentary “What If” scenario in which we take a look at your previous year’s tax returns and identify areas where you could have been more “tax smart.” Let us show you the smarter way to pay as little taxes in retirement as possible.

“I had no idea the impact proper tax planning could have on my retirement. What a wonderful windfall."

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